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Crestview Window Shutters

If you live in Crestview, FL, it’s so important to protect your home from high winds and flooding. But, nailing plywood on the windows every time a storm blows through is a hassle. Thankfully, a long-standing tradition is making a comeback in Florida and other hurricane prone states.

Protect your windows with durable house shutters!

At Hometown Contractors, Inc., we install exterior window shutters that can enhance your home while also protecting it. As soon as that storm is forecast, you can close and secure those shutters so your windows will be safe from breakage.

New Shutters in a Range of Styles

We’re proud to offer storm shutters in a large selection of styles for homeowners. Our products can also add to your property’s curb appeal! Check out some of our options for new shutters:

  • Accordion Shutters: Fold your shutters back out of the way when not in use! This style works well on doors, windows, and in other areas of the yard.
  • Bahama Shutters: You can also enjoy a little shade from the sun with these Bahama shutters that swing out like an awning.
  • Board & Batten Shutters: The more traditional look of these shutters ensures you’ll get a product that boosts curb appeal.
  • Louvered Shutters: Homeowners who want full control over the function of their shutters can have custom-made louvered shutters installed with operable slats.
  • Raised Panel Shutters: When you want a solid layer of protection our raised panel shutters provide it along with classic style.
  • Rolling Shutters: Roll up your shutters whenever you don’t need them. Similar to folding shutters, these highly flexible shutters store on a roller until you want to deploy them.
  • Storm Shutters: We also offer highly practical storm shutters made to completely cover the window opening.

Get Started with a Free Quote for Shutters in Crestview

Hometown Contractors, Inc. is a local shutter installer with a selection of products for all needs. If you are interested in protecting your windows with exterior shutters, reach out to us about a complimentary cost estimate. Simply give us a call or fill out our online form to get started.

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