Acrylic bathtubs are made from vacuum-formed sheets of acrylic that are reinforced by fiberglass. This creates a strong yet lightweight material that is easy to customize, cost-effective, and strong. If you are thinking about an acrylic tub for your bathtub remodel, then here are some benefits for you to keep in mind.

Versatile Design Options

Acrylic tubs provide a modern, high-gloss look that many homeowners want. These tubs are also easily customizable, offering a variety of options for bathtub size, shape, and color. You can even mimic the look of marble and tile for your bath wall surround for a high-end appearance, but without the steep price tag.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Many acrylic tubs are multi-layered and come with triple-seal technology to ensure that the tub lasts for many years, even with daily use. High-quality acrylic tubs are also resistant to staining, chipping, cracking, and fading. If damage does occur, then an acrylic tub is easy and affordable to repair. Keeping an acrylic tub is clean is also a cinch; just wipe with a cloth and non-abrasive cleaner.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

If you have a bathroom on the second level of your home, then an acrylic bath is perfect for your remodel. These lightweight tubs are also quick and easy to install, which can cut back on the cost of your remodel. In-fact, some acrylic bathtub installations are complete in just one day!

More Affordable Than Tile

An acrylic wall surround is simpler to install and more affordable than tile and grout or marble. Since these products are also durable and long lasting, they provide the best value for your money. The only catch is to make sure you choose a reliable bathroom remodeler that uses trusted acrylic bath and wall surround products.

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