If the idea of a winter renovation of your home seems strange to you, you’re not alone. The vast majority of home remodeling projects are completed over the spring and summer months of the year, when the weather is warmer and the hours of daylight are longer. While the coldest season of the year is often overlooked in the world of home improvement, the truth is that there are many benefits of a winter renovation.

For homeowners living in the Florida Panhandle, winter weather is mild compared to other areas of the country like the Midwest or Northern states. There’s also less rain in the winter than over the summer months, which can make it even easier for scheduling a home renovation of any kind. In this article our expert team of Florida home remodeling specialists from Hometown Contractors, Inc. reveal some of our favorite reasons for remodeling in the winter—and why you should consider scheduling your next home renovation during this time.

What Are the Benefits of a Winter Renovation?

There are not many disadvantages to a winter renovation. If you have the time and an open schedule, you’ll likely benefit from scheduling any type of home improvement project during this time. Here are some of the perks of an end-of-the-year/post New Year’s Day home renovation:

  • More Availability: Business is slower during the winter season, which makes it much easier for homeowners to schedule a consultation quickly – as soon as the next day! During busier times, it can take days to find a suitable appointment time that works for both you and your contractor.
  • Faster Completion Times: Along the same lines, less business means that your project will likely be completed on or ahead of schedule. After answering your questions and giving you a price, there is often a faster turnaround for getting your next project off the ground.
  • Less Expensive Labor Costs: During the off season, it’s widely recognized that the winter can offer exceptional prices on many home improvement projects. Check out our current offers to see different ways you can save on your next home improvement project.

What Are the Best Projects to Complete in the Winter?

The best projects for winter renovations are those that will help to enhance your home’s energy-efficiency and performance. The most impactful winter home improvement projects (and the most popular ones in Northwest Florida) is window replacement. In the wintertime, it’s the perfect moment to focus on reducing energy loss by replacing drafty windows with brand-new, tightly sealed, low-E window products. Our windows are also impact-resistant which is a necessary feature due to frequent tropical storms, a possible hurricane, and the other intense weather conditions we experience throughout the year.

Along with window replacement, siding replacement and attic insulation are two common winter renovation projects. Like window replacement, both siding installation and attic insulation focus on improving the home’s energy-efficiency by reducing energy loss. Insulation projects also help to take the strain off of your home’s HVAC system while lowering the cost of your utility bills. If you live on the Gulf Coast, you know how important your air conditioning system is throughout most of the year—and why the cooler winter weeks are a great time to insulate your home in time for the summer months ahead.

Other Winter Projects

Other ideal winter home improvement projects focus on include installing or replacing your gutter system, shutters, or doors. Both gutters and shutters are essential home features for Pensacola homes that should operate at peak performance throughout the year—but especially over the summer and fall months, when hurricanes and stormy, intense weather conditions are often. Door replacement, like window, siding, and attic insulation projects, can help to improve your home’s energy-efficiency, indoor comfort, and security performance. Focusing on projects like these and others that protect your home against leaks and water damage should be top priority over the winter season, when rainfall is at its lowest.

One of the best remodeling projects to complete in the winter season is the installation of a four season sunroom. Four season sunrooms are ideal for homeowners that are interested in enjoying the outdoors from the comfort and privacy of their home. In fact, there’s perhaps nothing better than watching a thunderstorm or enjoying a cold, windy winter afternoon in Pensacola from a heated, comfortable sunroom. Along the same lines, completing a winter renovation means creating more air-conditioned space inside your home throughout the rest of the hotter months of the year as well.
Winter Remodeling with Pensacola’s Finest Home Contractors

Remodeling your home at any time of the year can feel intimidating—especially without the right team of expert contractors standing by your side. At Hometown Contractors, Inc., we’re proud to offer our customers the reassurance they need when upgrading their homes—with top-rated, award-winning remodeling services in the Florida Panhandle and Southeastern Alabama.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the perks of a winter renovation, we’d love to meet with you. Give our team at Hometown Contractors, Inc. a call to discuss your potential next project, or fill out our online form for more information on how to schedule a free, in-home pricing estimate and consultation.