Spanning all the way from June to November, hurricane season in the Florida panhandle lasts nearly half the year. And in a “normal” season, we may see up to 10 storms serious enough to be named!

What does that mean for you?

It means that as a Florida homeowner, it’s impossible to take hurricane season too seriouslyTo protect your property and loved ones from the most serious storm damage, just a few smart investments can really pay off.

Here are four ways to arm your home for Florida seasons.

1. Hurricane Shutters

Because the Florida panhandle is so hurricane-prone, hurricane shutters are a great option for adding extra durability to your exposed window openings. These features come in many different styles:

  • Roll-down hurricane shutters are permanently installed and can be raised or lowered manually or via electric motor.
  • Accordion hurricane shutters are also permanently attached and unfold like an accordion when deployed. Though functional, some people find the look less-than-attractive.
  • Colonial hurricane shutters offer more conventional curb appeal and mimic decorative shutters. They are hinged at the side and swung inward to cover the window.
  • Retractable storm panels are made of metal and only installed under imminent storm conditions. They are very strong but challenging to install without two able-bodied people.

2. Storm Doors

Similar to hurricane shutters (except on doors)durable impact doors create an additional weather barrier right over your existing exterior doors. By adding another layer of protection, they can help prevent costly damage from wind, rain, and flying debris.

Although they’re sometimes called “storm doors” interchangeably,not all storm doors are impact doors. You should look for storm-ready designs that include interior steel plates as well as design that meets building code for hurricane-prone areas.

3. Impact-Rated Windows

In addition to layering hurricane shutters, you can also upgrade your windows themselves to withstand the higher impact of hurricane-strength winds. Strong, energy-efficient impact windows can add an extra layer of value in many situations:

  • Urgent storms, where there’s no time to deploy storm panels
  • Urgent storms, where there’s no time to deploy storm panels
  • Particularly violent storms, where your hurricane shutters may be torn off
  • Normal weather conditions, as you’ll save on typical heating and cooling costs

For high-quality impact windows, be sure to check for AAMA certification for High Velocity Wind Zones.

4. Sun rooms & Screen Rooms

As you arm your Florida home for hurricane season, don’t forget about your indoor-outdoor living areasGiven their extensive use of glass panes and/or screens, your all-season sunroom or patio screen rooms can be very vulnerable to breakage and water intrusion.

Fortunately, many of the same features listed above—from hurricane shutters to impact doors—can be used to protect these spaces as well. For the best results, just be sure that your hurricane readiness plan is crafted by a company that installs sun rooms and screen rooms themselves.

Don’t Wait. Get Hurricane-Ready Today!

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