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Choose a Hometown Contractors Inc. Replacement Tub or Shower for Your Bathroom.

Have you been putting it off due to budget constraints, a lack of time, or the dread of post-construction mess? If you’re willing to give us one day, we have the right solution for you at Hometown Contractors, Inc. Our one-day bath installation service is the answer you’ve been looking for. In just one day, our pros will completely revamp your bathroom’s design and function with a highly reliable bathtub or shower that requires little upkeep and maintenance. Watch as we install a whole new setup right before your eyes.

What a New Shower or Bathtub from Hometown Contractors Can Mean For You.

There are several different ways a homeowner can remodel their home, but one of the most beneficial options is replacing an old bathtub or shower with a new walk-in shower or walk-in tub.

Some of the most common bathtubs and showers are created with tile. Older tile tubs and showers can be full of cracks, mold, mildew and unsightly stains that can harm the entire appearance of a bathroom and cleaning a tile bathtub can be challenging.

Hometown Contractors, Inc. provides solutions to all of these major bathroom issues by installing new showers in place of old, outdated bathtubs and showers. They offer a wide selection of solutions to bathroom remodeling needs including acrylic bath and shower systems, replacement bathtubs, tub-to-shower conversions, walk-in tubs and barrier-free showers.

Home Value:

Updating a bathroom with a new shower or tub can also mean an increase in the overall resale value of a home.

“When we install a new walk-in shower or a barrier-free shower in your home, not only does the functionality and appearance of your bathroom improve, but the value of your home increases as well,” says Paul Kasischke, owner of Hometown Contractors, Inc. “Updates in the bathroom and the kitchen give the best return on investment when it comes to home improvements.”

Easy to Clean:

One of the issues with old fiberglass and tile tubs and showers is difficulty in keeping it clean. Soap scum, stains, mold and mildew can be difficult to remove off of a fiberglass or a tile-system tub. Hometown Contractors, Inc.’s tubs and showers are made of high quality acrylic that not only looks great, but it is easy to clean. These tubs and showers come in a number of different patterns, colors and styles to match the look of any home.

Quick and Easy Install:

You can count on our professionals to be fast, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice product quality or craftsmanship. It’s our pleasure to provide you with fast bathroom remodel solutions that are also stylish, functional, and customized to your specific space. Trust our certified installers to expertly handle the job. From the breakdown of your existing bathroom to the installation of new fixtures, your one-day remodeling project will be in good hands with us.

Hometown Contractors, Inc. is dedicated to offering unsurpassed service quality. Expect our team to be:

       ✅ Timely:When we tell you what time we are going to be at your house, you better believe we are going to be there.

       ✅Professional:We are the recipients of many awards and affiliations for a reason. Our locally owned and operated business is a proud member of our community—and we act accordingly.

       ✅Affordable:We are happy to work within every budget. We offer an array of different options when it comes to brands, materials, and products.

       ✅Trustworthy:Every member of our team is trained to provide you with the superior customer care you expect and deserve.

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