Although we live in Florida’s panhandle, we are not without our fair share of cold weather. We have seen so far this 2018 fall season to be a proven fact. As old windows in a home age more, the seals break and start allowing more of the cold air inside your home. That means your heater has to work over time to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.  Running your heater more often will cost you more money.  The same thing happens in the summer with your air conditioning. About one-third of the home's total heat loss usually occurs through windows and doors.

One of the best ways to make sure that you aren’t losing money this winter is to be sure that you have tightly sealed, energy efficient replacement windows. Hometown Contractors, Inc. can replace your old drafty windows with new double hung windows that increase the energy efficiency of your home. A typical household can save up to $465 a year by switching to energy-efficient windows, according to Energy Star. 

Check out these Three ways new replacement windows can keep your home warmer this winter:

1. They provide extra protection from the elements. Today’s windows are usually comprised of energy-efficient double-pane glass, which is great. Can not only help with hurricane force weather but also protecting you from the heat and cold.

2. Replacing windows removes cold draft. The largest culprit when it comes to energy loss is drafty windows. Your heat is literally going out the window! New windows can help reduce heat loss by 10 to 20 percent according to . To test: Carefully place a candle in front of your window If it flickers you have a leak.

3. Our windows meet the standards for excellence. New Energy Efficient Windows professionally installed by Hometown Contractors, Inc. combine sturdy frames and advanced glass backed by EnergyStar, to keep you out of the elements. Our Simonton products are certified to the NFRC standards and carry the NFRC label, which provides the highest specific window energy properties.

So Why Wait until Winter is over? 

If you are tired of seeing high energy bills and dealing with overly cool rooms during the winter, call Hometown Contractors, Inc. Some people advise against replacing your windows during the winter months. But the truth is, waiting until the winter can be beneficial. 

  • Easy to Schedule: It’s easier to schedule a window replacement during the winter because it’s not a busy season for installations or appointments.
  • Faster Install Results: When you choose the wintertime to replace your windows, you will receive quicker results during the slower seasons. Your energy costs will be reduced, your thermostat will be lower and your house will be warmer.

Our Customers Say it Best!

Hometown Contractors, Inc. specializes in replacement windows for homes in the Gulf Coast Area for nearly 20 years. Including Ft. Walton, Pensacola, Destin, FL areas and South Alabama. Their customers have seen drastic changes in their monthly power bills as seen below.

“Since the weather has changed, we’ve had to revert to the heat for the cold mornings and my power bill has dropped more than $60 a month. I am very pleased with that,” said Tom H. of Milton, Florida, who had Hometown Contractors, Inc. replace all the windows in his house. 

“My wife was here during the install,” Said Mr. Tom H. “I work off shore so I wasn’t here at the time. From what my wife told me, installers were very friendly, very helpful, and they did an excellent job on the installation of the windows.” 

Contact us today and fill out our online form to request a free, convenient at-home consultation and price estimate. Hometown Contractors, Inc. has been voted Finest on the Emerald Coast 2018 and Best of the Bay 2018.