Replacement Windows Near Me

Is it time to replace your home’s windows? Whether your windows are outdated looking or drafty, take advantage of this opportunity to improve your home by considering your needs in-depth. After-all, the last thing you want to do is end up with windows that you'll regret later! If you’re searching for replacement windows Pensacola homeowners trust, Hometown Contractors Inc. has some practical suggestions for helping you choose the right window style for your home. Below you can learn about different window features and suggestions for styles that meet these needs.

Natural Light

If your home isn’t as bright as you’d like, choosing windows that offer maximum lighting might be a high priority for you. All windows provide some measure of natural lighting, however, the best choices for those who want to let the most sunlight in are:

  • Bay Windows: Bay windows offer an expansive outdoors view that not only adds natural light but also improves the general appeal of your home inside and out!
  • Bow Windows: For a brighter and more open space, bow windows are a great option. These windows are made with 4-6 panes, offering some of the best lighting of any window style.
  • Picture Windows: If you prefer a fixed window style that’s perfect for lighting and offers a great view, picture windows might be your best bet!

Fresh Air

High traffic areas often benefit from extra ventilation. Any window that isn’t fixed will provide you home with fresh air, however, depending on your space and ventilation needs, there are several options to choose from including:

  • Casement Windows: Casement windows operate using a simple hand-crank, providing necessary ventilation in hard-to-reach areas!
  • Double-Hung Windows: When you want to let in some fresh air safely without risk of children or pets escaping, open your double-hung window from the top and leave the bottom closed.
  • Awning Windows: Light rain won’t keep you from enjoying some fresh air when you have an awning window installed.


If choosing energy-efficient windows that are easy to maintain is your goal, make sure the windows you choose are made using durable materials, energy-saving glass, and expertly installed. Most quality windows offer energy-saving features, but for max savings and easy-maintenance consider:

  • Slider Windows: Slider windows close tightly for a weather-tight seal, providing you with a draft-proof window that’s stylish and works well in most any setting.
  • Picture Windows: Since these windows do not open, picture windows are some of the most efficient designs on the market when properly installed.
  • Vinyl Windows: When you want a durable window that offers extra ventilation and low-maintenance features, vinyl is best!

If choosing the right windows for your home has your head spinning, contact Hometown Contractors Inc. to learn about our wide-range of beautiful, high-quality replacement windows. We are a leading choice for replacement windows Florida panhandle homeowners trust—and we begin each project with an in-depth design consultation and free cost estimate!