We know that a home remodel can be a stressful endeavor to take on, mainly when it's an essential area of the house like a bathroom. Before saying yes to a remodeling project, there are a lot of factors to consider, and hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor is just one of them.

The remodeling process includes making many decisions. Decisions like the style of the decor, the types of fixtures you want, paint colors and textures, the list could go on and on especially if your bathroom is seriously outdated.

So, how do you know if your bathroom needs to be updated? We can help you decide. Read on to find out the signs that you may need to revamp the most important room in your home.

Signs You Need a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Since the bathroom is one of the most used rooms of your home, it's important that you recognize when it's time to update. Here are some sure-fire ways to know when your bathroom needs a change.

How You Feel About Your Bathroom

One of the easiest ways to know if you need a bathroom remodeling contractor is by the way you feel about your bathroom.  If you feel anxious or embarrassed when guests ask to use your bathroom, you probably don't love it. Unlike other rooms in your house, that can be off-limits to guests, the bathroom isn't one of them.  If the state of your bathroom is causing you stress or even worse, keeping you from enjoying company, then a remodel is called for.

Unlike other rooms in your house, that can be off-limits to guests, the bathroom isn't one of them.  If the state of your bathroom is causing you stress or even worse, keeping you from enjoying company, then a remodel is called for.

The Toilet Needs to be Replaced

A problem some toilet can be a real hassle. If you've had any of these issues with your current commode, it's time for a new one:
  • It's impossible to keep clean
  • There are scratches inside the bowl
  • It leaks and/or is constantly running
  • It clogs often
  • The porcelain is cracked
  • It doesn't flush properly
  • It makes unusual noises
Even if the toilet has worked properly the entire time you've lived in your house, it might not be using water efficiently. Replacing your toilet with one that is low-flush will conserve water and save you money on your water bill.

Using the Bathroom is Like Being in a Time Warp

If you're transported into another era when you step into your bathroom, contacting a bathroom remodeling contractor is probably a good idea. When your bathroom includes any of the following, it's time to update:
  • Carpeting on the floor
  • Baby blue, lime green or bright yellow tile
  • Wood paneling
  • An Artex ceiling
  • Wallpaper

There's Potential for Water Damage

The bathroom is a place to relax and refresh and that's not going to be possible if it's been damaged by a water leak.  Water damage is serious and can even be dangerous if left untreated. It will cause mildew and mold, a persistent musty smell, floors to become soggy, wood will rot, and it can even cause shower walls to collapse.

When your bathroom is outdated, the plumbing and exhaust fan will be too. You'll know your exhaust fan isn't working properly if there is excessive humidity after showering or if the bathroom consistently feels like a sauna.

Continuing to use the bathroom in this condition brings on the potential for water damage and will force you to remodel whether you want to or not. It's in your best interest to get ahead of the problem, by updating your bathroom.

It's Always Cluttered

If you find that your bathroom counter is always a mess or there is constant clutter everywhere due to lack of storage, a remodel will certainly help.  When you decide to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor, we'll work with you to access your storage needs.

Something as simple as installing a new vanity with proper shelving will make your life easier because your bathroom will become organized and clutter-free. Removing clutter in a small bathroom will also make it seem bigger and more spacious.

The Bathroom is Poorly Lit

When a bathroom has poor lighting it can seem cave-like. It can also make it difficult to perform tasks like shaving and applying makeup. If you find yourself having to leave the bathroom to do these things, or dragging a lamp into the bathroom, home improvement is in order.

With the amount of time that's spent in the bathroom on a daily basis, you don't have to settle for a dingy dark space. And just like removing clutter makes a small bathroom feel bigger, proper lighting will do the same.

Your Family is Growing or Growing Up

Having an out of date bathroom with a baby on the way or with children approaching their teenage years sounds difficult enough. But imagine having to deal with the issues of an archaic bathroom with a baby and/or teenagers in the house?!

If we may be so bold, we suggest modernizing your bathroom before that wonderful yet challenging time of your life begins.  Having a bathroom remodeling contractor renovate your bathroom before the baby arrives or the kids become teenagers will make your life easier in the long-run.

It will also prevent you from having to experience a home remodel while managing your growing family. As exciting as a home renovation is, like everything in life there's a right and a wrong time to do it.

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